Hi darlings!
I am Honey Holiday. I decided to create this blog because I had so much stuff just bursting inside me ready to share with the world.
I like crafts, vintage lovelies, dancing and baking! If you like these things too we can be friends forever!

I’ve also discovered that I overuse exclamation marks!! Sorry about that. Just go with it πŸ˜€

On this page I will be adding information about me, my day to day life, things I have seen that I think are funny and just generally anything that comes out of my strange little mind! I figure that if I like it, there must be one or two of you that like it too!

New year, New Website, New Dances

My What I want in a partner list

30 things before I am 30

A Beautiful Weekend in Gay Paris

Something I need! Wake n Bacon

Ho I am doing on my 30 things before I’m 30 list

My 5 year plan or Boats boats boats

A tiny Insight into my Mind


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