Radical self love journey

I started reading Radical self love by Gala Darling and I LOVE IT!

So now I have started on my self love/self care journey. I decided to make a list of self love/care things to do.

  1. Buy myself flowers
  2. Take a bath with bubbles
  3. Eat ALL of the ice cream
  4. Exercise and do yoga in the mornings
  5. Wear lovely outfits that make me feel super.
  6. Throw out/donate clothes that don’t fit or make me feel dull & boring
  7. Foot rubs and foot cream
  8. Early sleep times
  9. Watch a musical
  10. Set challenges for myself and follow them through.
  11. Eat healthier and include more vitamins in my diet
  12. Laugh
  13. Follow gluten free diet so I don’t feel poorly and sluggish
  14. Go on dates with my Bear
  15. Be colourful, shiney and fun! Like this lovely lady…

    So let’s see how this goes!!

    Honey xxx


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