If I were my own best friend- a rambling.

I am on my radical self love journey and I wondered what I would think about myself if I were my own best friend.

People don’t usually have good things to say about themselves, but will die of envy over someone else’s qualities.

So what do your friend think of you? They might wish they had your figure, they might love the nose you hate or think your bitchiness is strength!

So looking at myself from a friend standpoint… what are my best qualities?

  1. I’m brave! I’ve always been pretty brave and carefree. I don’t think Ive ever cared what people said or thought about me too much.
  2. I am loyal. If my friends need help I am there for them, hiding bodies, kicking ass and cuddling them till they fall asleep.
  3. I give logical advice. Now I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit of a robot when it comes to people’s feelings. Someone will tell me a problem they are upset about and instead of saying ‘oh that’s awful’ I say ‘what can we do about it?’. I’m not very emotional. I have decided this is a strength! It will get my friend through that situation, give them a plan to work from and a vision of the other side.
  4. I have a cracking ass and killer norks! As my own best friend I shall give them a little squeeze of love and friendship.
  5. My smile is warm. I always smile. To be honest it’s a sort of armour I put on, but other people seem to like it and it gets me out of lots of scrapes.

    That’s all I can come up with at the moment… this looking at myself in a positive light is hard!

    I’ll update this one day.

    Honey xxx


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