Reflection Friday September 2nd

OK… so I haven’t done this since May. Sooooo just a quick recap of general stuff I’ve been thankful for…

  • My ass. Oh it’s so fine
  • It was My birthday and I had a lovely weekend. My parents visited and we went for Jamaican food at Turtle bay with them my bear and his bearents
  • Allotment is awesome right now
  • Enjoying my job and not totally crap at it

This week I went to Madrid on holiday with Didi. 

LA TOMATINA! That happened… and we didn’t get many photos because we were too busy 

Something I discovered was that I don’t like tomatoes all squashed in piles beneath my feet or being thrown at my face. Who knew!

So my holiday list goes like this…

  1. Sangria! Drank lots of this and got tipsy tops.
  2. Playsuits. I love these now!! All lovely and comfy in the warm weather so my thighs don’t rub up against each other  (they love each other so much) I even like how naked I am when I take it off… being cold on the toilet is possibly not as much of a thrill.
  3. Salads! I’ve had a lot of greasy meat and bland cheese this week. Salads make it all better. Salads are wonderful!
  4. Suntan cream and after sun. Oh you little sexy minxes protecting my skin and making me feel all soft instead of bacon crispy.
  5. Frozen detangle spray. It smells super nice and makes my hair all shiney and Disney themed. Bird sing to me!
  6. Being able to go on holiday… Yeah… I get to do that 🙂 I’m damn grateful!
  7. My bear waited with me at the bus stop before I went and carried my backpack.
  8. Churros! I was very naughty and had some, but my God it was worth it!

So until next week (maybe), love to you alllllll xxx


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