New list for year 31 of my life.

So I was 31 last week! Eeeeeee!

In my 30th year I kinda wanted to have a bit of a rest… but now I want to fill my life back up again.

Thought I’d split it up into manageable chunks for myself.

●Learn to skate
●Learn to do cartwheel (just need a sunny day on the grass)
●Learn and relearn hula hoop tricks (started but want to be better)
●Ride a horse
●Learn pointe
●Be healthy and be 10ish stone (that’s the goal… but this goal might change as that weight might look silly on me)
●Do tough mudder
●Learn to surf
●Finish half marathon in a good time

Personal skills I want to have
●Learn a language  (obviously not fluent)
●Go to lindyhop/swing dance class

 ●violin or saxophone

Crafts and make my life better things
●Make and sell crochet bits on etsy
●Go to metalwork/jewellery classes
●Finish writing childrens book
●Be in a magazine (I could be! Unlikely though)
●Write a published article
●Live somewhere nice
●Design clothes/Ceri dress
●Make something clothes related a month
●Finish my portfolio

Silly things
●Have a fight in a paddling pool full of jelly
●Take part in a splosh photo shoot (get someone to take photos of above)
●Yarn bomb a whole street (set for international yarn bombing day in June)
●Pie someone in the face

Me sorting myself out
●Read more at night
●Be nicer
●Do my blog! Atleast once a week and sort it out.
●Buy myself flowers
●Pamper Monday
●Sell all the stuff I don’t need. Don’t buy anything I don’t need.

Stuff I want to do one day but don’t have the money for this year
●Go to japan
●Go to hawaii
●Ride an elephant
●Swim in a mermaid tail


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