Reflection Friday 10th June

Hello lovely people!

I had a super dooper weekend to start off my week of fun fun fun.

Not a lot happened after that really… but here goes for my week of thankfulness and love!

1) Sunshine! What a lot of beautiful sun we had this week. That bit of sun makes even a boring day in work just that little bit nicer.

2) Cardiff! Went home to Cardiff on Monday with my bear and his bearling. We went to the castle and had a lovely time.
Here I am in the stocks!


3) icecream! I ate so much icecream this week that I was actually almost sick of it. Almost.
Things I enjoyed included a chocolate fudge sundae, a cherry coke float, white chocolate and raspberry with minions, icecream van icecream….NOM!

4) Waterbomb funtimes. The sunshine meant that we could run outside and throw waterbombs. What a giggle 🙂

5) coloured lollies. Our tongues were red, green and blue.

6) We’ve started watching black sails on Amazon Prime and have become addicted.

7) #compareyourselftocheesecake. Well everyone likes cheesecake. What a great way to turn something horrible (bullying) into  a stance of solidarity. Here was mine


Ha! You can read about why  comparing yourself to cheesecake became a thing here:

8) Allotment. Seems to be on it every week but it brings me joy even when the birds eat everything. This week we bought netting…. we’ll show those pesky birdys.

9) Silly silly silly times!

Much love! Xxx


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